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Can Your Voice, Make You Sexier?

Is your voice sexy? Men and women think that their voices are very sexy especially if the woman says it’s sexy. What many men do not know is that their voices alone can make a man think about them while the woman in front of him just laughed. In other words, if your voice is sexy is how you talk and you’re doing it naturally, that’s great! Now if it’s not naturally and it’s forced and it sounds unnatural, that’s not so good.

You need to have confidence in your voice and know that it can really make you feel sexier. It should be the way you speak to your guy or your best friend. You have to remember, your voice is his window to you and he has to be able to hear what you’re all about. He needs to hear the passion in your voice and how you make him feel when you’re speaking to him.

If your voice is sexy and he likes it, then he will also like your body. He has to feel like you are into him too. So how do you make your voice sexy? The answer is simple. You have to practice.

Practice makes perfect. If you want to be able to seduce any guy and make him yours, you have to know how his mind works. What does he love? What turns him on? That’s the secret to seducing him and making him feel sexy.

Many women say they can’t sleep because they are afraid of men. Guess what, you don’t have to be afraid of yourself to sound sexy. You can go into your bedroom right now and start tapping your feet or swaying your hips while saying, “I am a sexy and romantic woman.” Don’t worry about your man finding out. This will only turn him on, because he will realize that you are taking control of your love life.

If you want to sound sexy, try talking to yourself. Use your imagination and figure out what sounds sexy to you. You can’t stop yourself from thinking about this, so you might as well practice right now by thinking about your favorite sexy movie characters. You’ll definitely sound like something out of this world when you talk to yourself in your bath tub.

Another way to sound sexy is to use deep breathing when you are talking to yourself in bed. This will help your voice to become deeper and sexier. Not only will this make you sound more aroused when your man comes over to have sex with you but it will also relax you a lot more.

You can keep your man thrilled by using sexy voice. Use your own voice to make love to your man. It will definitely turn him on and make you feel more comfortable in your skin. Plus, if your man can hear your sexy inner monologue, he is going to take notice and he will get turned on too. It’s really that simple to sound sexy with your own voice.


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