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Common Side Effects Of The Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure

Lip Reduction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure used to reshape the lip, neckline, chin and cheek areas. As with any surgical procedure, there is possible Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure Side Effects. These are the common complications of any type of surgery, including Lip Reduction Surgery.

Some of the possible Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure Side Effects are temporary bruising, facial swelling, numbness or pain, difficulty breathing, temporary facial droop and/or tenderness of the facial area. It is important to note that most patients who have undergone this type of treatment do not need further treatments at this point. In some patients, other complications may occur such as infection, allergic reactions to local anesthesia, and reactions to the anesthetic agents used during the treatment.

Another issue that is associated with Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure is the risk for blood clots. This is because when the fat is removed from a specific area, small blood vessels are also cut and may leak blood into the treated region. If the bleeding is not controlled, there is a high risk of serious complications. This complication can range from minor wounds, bruising or swelling to life-threatening embolism. Although many Lip Reduction Surgical Procedures is performed under general anesthetic, this does not necessarily mean that there will be no side effects to the patient. Therefore, it is very important that you discuss your concerns and allergies with your surgeon to ensure that you do not become a victim of any serious side effects.

Some Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure Side Effects that are considered rare but still possible include bone loss. This side effect occurs in the area where the liposuction was performed and is usually temporary. However, the patient may suffer from a permanent weak or brittle bone that can lead to the patient requiring another surgery to replace the bones. In a very small number of patients, skin rash is a probable side effect.

In some extreme cases, patients experience allergic reactions to some ingredients used in the Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure. The Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure is considered to be cosmetic surgery and therefore has certain guidelines and restrictions in regards to the ingredients that can and cannot be used during the Lip Reduction Surgery. For example, waxes, astringents, pomades, and oils are completely banned due to the fact that they can irritate the skin. If they are used in large concentrations, they may cause severe allergic reactions. In order to minimize the chance of allergic reactions, your doctor will likely recommend a sunscreen or an alternative to the Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure. Astringents and pomades are generally not to be used during this type of surgery as well because they may cause excessive redness and warmth and bleeding.

Other Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure side effects that are rare but could happen include aspiration pneumonia and fluid accumulation. Aspiration pneumonia is a result of the patient swallowing the excessive amount of air given out during the Lip Reduction Surgical Procedure. Fluid accumulation is also a side effect that occurs when a scar is not properly sealed after the surgery. This may be due to a number of reasons including a failed sealing mechanism, improper stitching, or incorrect placement of the stitches.

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